Our community is the most important thing for us. The companies that work in our office provide a wide range of favours. Our community is very communicative and anyone is welcome to join it, so what are you waiting for? Come to Switch coworking space today!


Member since 06/2019

Codopolis is a Creative Web Agency created by young professionals with the primary purpose of helping small and medium-sized businesses to establish a sustainable and successful web presence. Our team has a total of over 8 years of experience in WordPress-based web development, graphic and web design.


Member since 11/2019

Netpeak™ — one of the biggest online marketing agencies in eastern Europe. Main directions of the Agency’s work: site optimization and online advertising. Among our clients you can find numerous portals, online stores, UGC projects – the most popular sites in their niches.

Nova Translate

Member since 08/2019

Nova Translate is an innovative translation agency and constantly incorporates technological innovations in service delivery. We believe that every business must implement successful innovative practices.

StartUp Ventures

Member since 11/2019

Startup Ventures is an event where you can give life to your idea in the span of three days and simultaneously win prizes and maybe even funding if your idea is great enough.


Member since 03/2019

#tourism helps brands to grow their reach and create #sustainable recognition. With know-how in building and implementing digital strategies, and performing thorough social media management, we partner with our clients to drive maximum performance!


Member since 04/2019

Witlix is innovative teaching platform for schools, that’s made for teachers to teach and test students in a fun and interesting way. The way we do that is by using interactive game tests so the the students feel engaged during class.