Project Description

Who is Benjamin Wild

Benjamin Wild has 7 years of experience in successfully managing social media campaigns and consulting companies around the world. He has been building up his first successful business during his bachelor studies in Germany as a Business Engineer.


Benjamin has moved to Bulgaria in 2018 and is now teaching social media and digital marketing while supporting local businesses to build their online presence.
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Course Information

Course starts at 30.11.19

Together, we will learn the process of building great advertisement campaigns on Facebook. We will start by defining the best audience and choose good pictures or videos. The rest of the crucial steps will be learned in this course. A good advertisement on Facebook needs constant improvement.

During this course, we will set the campaign’s life and evaluate the result after a period of 5 days. This will give us the chance to see real results that we will use to optimize the campaign and have you ready for future ads.The needed ad budget will be 40 lv. Please have this available on your credit card or PayPal account.


  • Set up your business manager for campaign based advertisements
  • Learn the differences in campaign objectives
  • Define a good pick about your ad budgets
  • Understand the power of your audience

Campaign Strategy

  • Build your campaign with support by Benjamin Wild
  • Every member will prepare ads during this course
  • Bring your photos, videos or text if you have (not required)
  • Publish the advertisement for a duration of 5 days


  • Discuss the results of each Course member
  • Learn how to optimize advertisements on Facebook or Instagram
  •  Prepare your improvements and set them public for One Day

2nd Evaluation

  • Discuss the results of each Course member
  • Understand the differences between placements
  • Board for open discus

Only 7 seats available

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Key Information

Contact Benjamin Wild
Phone: 0879 325238
Direct Message via Facebook (

Fee: 160 lv.
Ad Budget: 40 lv
Please have your personal Ad budget accessible on (for example) your credit card.
For detailed information Benjamin Wild will assist you before the course start.

First Weekend: 30.11. & 01.12.
Second Weekend: 07. & 08.12.
Every Day the Course will be between 14pm – 16pm