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Benjamin Wild

Benjamin Wild has 7 years of experience in successfully managing social media campaigns and consulting companies around the world. He has been building up his first successful business during his bachelor studies in Germany as a Business Engineer.


Benjamin has moved to Bulgaria in 2018 and is now teaching social media and digital marketing while supporting local businesses to build their online presence.

Course Information

Together, we will learn the process of building great advertisement campaigns on Facebook. We will start by defining the best audience and choose good pictures or videos. The rest of the crucial steps will be learned in this course. A good advertisement on Facebook needs constant improvement.
During this course, we will set the campaign’s life and evaluate the result after a period of 5 days. This will give us the chance to see real results that we will use to optimize the campaign and have you ready for future ads.The needed ad budget will be 40 lv. Please have this available on your credit card or PayPal account.


  • Forecast of the course achievements
  • Introduce the most common mistakes in campaign creation


  • Know your product/market
  • What needs to be set before running ads?
  • Where is a Social media ad located in your marketing strategy?
  • Learn about the key figures to measure successful ads


  • Know your client
  • Important formats and dimensions
  • How to choose a good image?


  • Know your client
  • Small text against long text
  • How to write an engaging text
  • What are your keywords?


  • Know your client
  • New Client/ Old Client
Facebook Business

  • What contains a proper ad?
  • Where to enroll ads?
  • 5 steps of sales


  • When to use a lookalike audience?
  • Demographic/Interest/Behaviour
  • Why to exclude and narrow audiences?

Duration & Budget

  • Lifetime or daily budget
  • How to choose the right budget
  • The danger of the potential reach


  • What KPIs are important?
  • How to understand them?

Ad preparation

  • Each student will prepare its ad and have it ready by the end of Day 2
  • The ad will be life until Saturday next weekend (for 5 days)
Ads Evaluation Team 1

  • Team 1 will present their ad results based on the courses learnings.
  • Final summary of the course and future trends.
  • Final discussion.
Ads Evaluation Team 2

  • Team 2 will present their ad results based on the courses learnings.
  • Final summary of the course and future trends.
  • Final discussion.


    positive review  Great Coworking space nice and cozy, amazing atmosphere and the owners are helpful and kind! 100% recommended

    Daniel Montiglio Avatar Daniel Montiglio
    May 21, 2020

    positive review  Comfortable, cozy, practical and functional. This is the place for work, fun, learning, meetings, networking for every motivated person. I recommend it to everyone. 🙂

    Михаел Върбанов Avatar Михаел Върбанов
    May 13, 2019

    positive review  love the place! The owners are really friendly hosts and make you feel really comfortable. I recommend also their Paint and Wine Event!

    Maria East Avatar Maria East
    April 30, 2019

    positive review  I went to Switch to take the course on Facebook Ads by Benjamin Wild. It was very helpful, and I’m really glad I went. Benjamin helped me to set a Facebook business account, to create an appropriate ad and choose the right audience. As a result my event in a city I’ve never been before was sold out for both dates, and now I can run ads myself. Great job!

    Olga Pavlova Avatar Olga Pavlova
    January 15, 2020

    positive review  Great place with very positive people. I had two courses there...for now 😅 Benjamin Wild with his knowledge on social media and digital marketing strategies was a great experience for me. I am really grateful for his help and support for all my projects. And of course great results. Thank you Ben 🙂😊🙃

    Мариела Димитрова Avatar Мариела Димитрова
    January 16, 2020

    positive review  A very welcome team. I like very much to go there since almost 2 month.

    Benjamin Wild Avatar Benjamin Wild
    April 2, 2019

    positive review  It's a best of the best co-working space in Varna! I had a very friendly atmosphere here, a private table to work and overall feeling was like at home - so friendly, helpful and nice hosts! The other activities that this co-working space offers (like Paint&Wine) were so well organised and I really enjoyed my time here :) I definitely recommend this place!

    Lina Piatikonė Avatar Lina Piatikonė
    April 12, 2019

    positive review  Мястото е уникално! Заслужава си да бъде посетено!

    Ivo Yordanov Avatar Ivo Yordanov
    March 16, 2019

    positive review  Switch e най-приятното място за работа във Варна - прекрасно отношение, невероятна среда, супер хора! Тук имаме възможност не само да работим спокойно на комуникативно място във Варна, а и да обменяме опит в различни сфери на дейност. Препоръчвам на всеки, който има нужда от приятно работно място в приятелска обстановка ! <3 Благодарим, switch !

    Ina Georgieva Avatar Ina Georgieva
    January 7, 2020

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Key Information

Contact Benjamin Wild
Phone: 0879 325238
Direct Message via Facebook (
Fee: 190 lv.
Ad Budget: 40 lv
– Your ad budget for this course
– Have your personal Ad budget accessible on (for example) your credit card or PayPal.
– For detailed information, Benjamin Wild will assist you before the course start.
First Weekend: 25.01. & 26.01.
Second Weekend: 01.02. & 02.02.
Every Day the Course will be between 2pm – 5pm