Project Description

Welcome to our course

"Profession - Sales Machine"

Within 30 hours, you will learn a lot of the intricacies of customer service, sales and successful marketing strategies.

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What to expect from our course?

Take on the role of a digital marketing student. You study for 4 years. You give a ton of money for courses and events. Finally, you expect to have fully absorbed and practiced everything within these 4 years. You give money for semesters, courses, events, textbooks, for a total of BGN 6,000. You take your diploma, go out and think you’re done. I’ll tell you a secret – Well, you are NOT! Only in 30 days and at ten times lower price will we show you what sales training is. There will be a lot of listening, work and naturally – real results.

  • The overall customer system
  • After sales service
  • Learning from competition
  • Pricing, cash flows and financial forecasts
  • Our vision online and offline
  • MBRAND platform technology
  • Marketing - How to advertise successfully?

Who is Niki Petkanov?

Nikolay Petkanov is over 25 years old. experience in building and training sales teams. He is the founder and co-founder of 9 startup companies in IT, Sales and Services. He has been Sales Manager and Regional Director at major Bulgarian and international companies such as Office1Superstore, Metlife and Generali. Mentor and organizer of some of the biggest technology and startup conferences in Varna and the country. One of the keynote speakers at MOBI (My Own Business Institute). He has delivered over 2500 presentations and trainings to students, students and the business community.

What will happen during the course?

The course will be held within 5 weeks.
6 hours a week.

A total of 30 hours.

    • The key to the potential client
    • List of customer questions
    • Learn from the competition
    • Brand Definition
    • Prices and pricing
    • What does it take to be at Zero?
    • Learn to make changes
    • Prioritization and planning
    • How we communicate with our customers
    • Cash flows and financial forecasts
  • What is a landing page and why is it important?
  • Client’s path
  • How web design speaks to the client ?
  • MBRAND platform technology
  • MBRAND platform settings
  • Types of offers
  • Time for 19 sales
  • Types of marketing, what kind of focus?
  • Offline Marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Copywriting – The hidden power of content
  • YouTube Marketing
  • BONUS Surprise! – your special weapon

In this training you will learn...

👉 The difference between customers and users, what are the main types and how to identify them.

👉 Sales process from a customer's and a seller's perspective.

👉7 steps of the sales process and how to put them into practice

👉 How to make a strong performance and effective impact on the customer.

👉 What are the secrets of a successful seller and what can make us different.

👉 How to build a stable relationship with and benefit from each client.

👉 How to close each deal (working techniques to close the sale).

👉 How to maximize value and sales by exceeding expectations.

Who is our course suitable for?

** Our course is appropriate for beginners as well as intermediate sales professionals.

The course is right for you if:

  • You are a trader or seller in a small or medium sized business
  • You are looking for a career development in the field of trade.
  • You are an entrepreneur / owner of a small or medium business.
  • You practice freelance and have to sell your work.
  • Manage a business or sales people.

Why do we need the skills to sell?

We are all in sales and selling something every day, no matter what we do or what we do. What sets a successful salesperson apart is knowledge, skills and personal motivation. And while knowledge can be learned from anyone who has access to the right information, the potential we have needs to be developed to the extent that it is effectively used …

Course information

Price: 570 BGN

Discount: 15%

Discount price: 490 BGN

Duration: 5 weeks = 30 hours

Start: (Soon)