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Marketing Seminar

with Radoslav Georgiev

SEO - The "Keyword" for Successful Business

03/12/20 at 7:00 pm in Hotel Plaza (Varna, 10 Slivnitsa Blvd)
Entrance: 5 lv
Pre-registration is required

Positioning your site at the top of Google will increase traffic to it at times.

Many people underestimate SEO Marketing, but in fact it is one of the best investments for your business.

At our seminar we will cover topics such as:

  • The basics of SEO - what is it and what are its "black" materials?
  • How do you build the foundations of a lucrative business?
  • SEO for everyone - different optimizations for different businesses
  • Internal and external structure of optimization
  • Will SEO say YES to you and your business?

Google's search engine receives an average of about 63,000 searches per second, every day.

Google is the most visited website in the world with over 62 billion hits per year

You increase traffic to your website by an average of about 30% by moving it up one place in Google search engine.

Who is Rado Georgiev?

Radoslav Georgiev has been engaged in SEO optimization since 2017. year even. This specializes in affiliate website optimization at highly competitive niches such as cryptocurrencies, online casinos and gambling markets such as the US and Western Europe. It has a specific focus in specific markets and markets niches Radoslav has a broad knowledge base to optimize his work with specialists from Bulgaria and Germany. Find this JCI Varna in the beginning of 2017. years, which is in the largest project of the local organization Our the future. In 2018 he was elected Local President of the organization. Radoslav was lucky to visit for over 20 years from 2015 here. During some of his training programs, Rado not only studied at multicultural Wednesday, but also visits many countries in Western Europe.

What else have we prepared for you?

  • Do you own a business and do not know how to promote it?
  • Do you have a super cool website and want everyone to know about it?
  • Want to create something of your own but don't know how to bring it value?

We have a solution to all these questions. Everyone is trying to unravel these search engine optimization secrets and tricks because everyone is aware that this is the best option for their website / business to reach as many people as possible.

We have prepared a special course for everyone who wants to understand in detail what SEO is, what we can achieve with this type of marketing and how to use it to its full potential, we have prepared a special course for your lecturer to be Radoslav Georgiev .

A special bonus game during the lecture is also waiting for you

The participant who has performed best in our bonus game will receive a free seat for our beginner SEO course .

We will give more information about the course very soon.
We look forward to seeing you on 12.03.20 from 19: 00h. in Plaza Hotel Varna