Inspired By People’s Passion

“Switch” is more then just a coworking.
We offer a wide range of courses and events.

As we said already, “Switch” is more than a coworking space, we are a community.
After we created the coworking space, we started making small workshops and we turned this small workshops into big courses.
We found that people don’t need just a place to work, they need and a place where they can learn new skills, have fun or just chill after work with some new activities.

Varna need more places like this. Nor an academy, nor a coworking. Needs a place which can host some interesting events and courses after work and be a place where people can work durring the day.

Through our courses you will find your passion, you will learn new skills, or find your next job and even start a career.


Marketing theory and Facebook practise

Facebook is the THING right now. If you want your business to grow - you need to be in Facebook. If you want to scale your client list - Facebook is the place. You cannot miss the current social medias boom. We live in the best era for scaling businesses - easy and fast. The Facebook Ads offer us a lot of opportunities and options so we can reach our perfect client and be sure that our target group will see our ad. But how to do this correctly, its very tricky. Come to our workshop so you can learn the best practices from our german Facebook expert - Benjamin Wild.


SEO – the marketing to conquer Google

Are you aware of how powerful a platform Google really is? We guess so. And do you know that over 63,000 queries are received by Google's search engine every second. The search engine itself has over 62 billion user visits annually. These are huge numbers. Imagine your business is there now. To be at the top of the list of millions of other businesses. Think about the extent to which your sales can jump by taking into account the numbers we mentioned above ... You want to be at the top of Google right now? To find out how and how to master this skill that you can apply to your website and your business, then welcome to our course where you will learn all the secrets and techniques to conquer Google.


Profession – “Sales Machine”

If you are a merchant or have your own business and need to take your sales to the next level, our course is perfect for you. You will learn new ways to sell, both online and offline. Our lecturer has extensive experience and will provide you with all the tips that you will be able to put into practice during the course.


WordPress Advanced

If you have the wordpress basics and you understand the concepts of the web programming but you still strugle with making beautiful custom Wordpress websites and want to improve, this course is perfect for you. You will learn a lot about how wordpress works behind and how is written so you will be able to code it by yourself. After the course you will be able to take more complicated projects for richer clients and do whatever you want even if the WP interface doesn't allow it.