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WordPress with no code

Join our beginner course with wordpress. You will learn how to create beautiful and functional websites. You do not need programming skills or any web development experience. During the course, you will create your own website with the help of our tutor and at the end of the course you will not only know how to build wordpress websites, but you will have a website without paying overpriced worpress programmers who will do even less of what you will do during the course. We will also provide you with hosting for 1 year for free, plus a test domain for you to develop your website during the course.


Facebook Ads vol2

Facebook is the THING right now. If you want your business to grow - you need to be in Facebook. If you want to scale your client list - Facebook is the place. You cannot miss the current social medias boom. We live in the best era for scaling businesses - easy and fast. The Facebook Ads offer us a lot of opportunities and options so we can reach our perfect client and be sure that our target group will see our ad. But how to do this correctly, its very tricky. Come to our workshop so you can learn the best practices from our german Facebook expert - Benjamin Wild.


Python for beginners

Python is the best language to learn if you want to become an IT developer. This is not just an usual progamming course for beginners. Duartion of the course its 4 months. You will not just learn about the basics of the language, you will become a junior Python developer and you will be ready to start your first job as an software engineer. Plus you will have an option to start as an intern in a software company right after the course finish, or even before that if our lecturer decide that you are ready. Don't miss this opportunity.


Facebook Ads vol1

You already started advertisements on Facebook and Instagram but you are not successful. What you need is a professional course to learn the tricks from an expert. Join the exclusive workshop from Benjamin Wild, a German Company Owner, for Marketing Consulting. During 2 weekends you will learn the most crucial steps and be ready to gain valuable success.