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Are you aware of how powerful a platform Google really is? We guess so. And do you know that over 63,000 queries are received by Google's search engine every second. The search engine itself has over 62 billion user visits annually. These are huge numbers. Imagine your business is there now. To be at the top of the list of millions of other businesses. Think about the extent to which your sales can jump by taking into account the numbers we mentioned above ... You want to be at the top of Google right now? To find out how and how to master this skill that you can apply to your website and your business, then welcome to our course where you will learn all the secrets and techniques to conquer Google.

WordPress Advanced


If you have the wordpress basics and you understand the concepts of the web programming but you still strugle with making beautiful custom Wordpress websites and want to improve, this course is perfect for you. You will learn a lot about how wordpress works behind and how is written so you will be able to code it by yourself. After the course you will be able to take more complicated projects for richer clients and do whatever you want even if the WP interface doesn't allow it.

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