Business Performance Workshop | SWITCH

You want to get up in the morning in top condition and full of energy. And work directly on your business with full focus and concentration. You’re ready to go full blast and put all your energy into your ventures.

But shit. Here’s the problem. That energy isn’t there at all. When you get up in the morning, you feel exhausted and tired. In addition, your knees ache a bit and the tension in your back pinches. These are not the best conditions to go full speed ahead, to call up your maximum potential and to perform at your highest level.

So you kick off your day with a big coffee. And knock back a few power drinks while you’re at work. But later in the day, you still get that midday slump. Your work flow is crappy again. This frustrates and annoys you. Because you know that if you could put your full horsepower on the road, you would go off like a rocket.

And that’s exactly what this workshop is about. That you become this rocket.  If you think it will be a boring theoretical lecture, you are wrong. I will show you interactive methods that you can apply directly.

If you are ready to unfold your full potential, then I look forward to welcoming you to the workshop.

Price: 10 BGN

Date: 10th of December

Location: Coworking Space „SWITCH“ – str. Otets Paisyi 42, Varna