Looking for a great place to work from?

Look no further

You’ve just found the cosiest co-working space in Varna.

Coming here you will be welcomed as a friend and instantly become a local insider.

Switch is more than just a co-working space – it’s a social hub where you can meet like-minded people, make new friends, learn about cool things you can do and of course – get work done.

(Being self-employed, we understand the need for a productive environment.)

Made by self-employed people for self-employed people.

I really like being my own boss. The freedom to set my own working time and choose the projects I work on is just great. After half a year of working at home though, my schedule got so messy it was no schedule at all. At one point I started thinking to get an office. Then I got the idea to create a co-working space. That’s when I met Richie.





Anton and I had common friends but didn’t know each other personally. One day he called me to ask if I wanted to create a co-working space with him. I’ve always wanted to work on my own project so the idea got me excited. Still, I had to think about it. After a couple of hours I called him to let him know I’m in. We both wanted a place where you can have a coffee, get your work done and meet cool new people. We needed to switch to a new lifestyle and that’s how this place came to be.”

Enjoy the comfort of a cafe but without the distractions, the focus of an office – without the formality.

Our Amenities

Central Location
Fast Wi-Fi
Free Water, Tea and Fruits
Main Transport Connections Nearby
Delicious Food Nearby
Multiple Banks Nearby
Natural Sunlight
Productive Atmosphere

Our Services

CoWorking Space

The first day is free to every new visitor.

How do the weekly pass and the monthly membership work?

The Weekly Pass is valid for 7 days after it’s issued.
The Monthly Membership is valid for 30 days after it’s issued.
Both are for unlimited number of visits.

The Monthly Membership can be combined with a MultiSport card.

Conference Room

Our conference room is best suited to 6 to 12 people.
Water, tea and fruits are included as well.

How to reserve a spot?

If you’d like to reserve yourself a spot, you can simply call us on the phone

or send us a message on Facebook Messenger.

Just use one of the buttons below.

Come visit us at our address – Slivnitsa Blvd. No. 60

It’s easy to find us.

We work every day from 09:00 to 19:00.

Switch CoWorking Space

Varna, blvd “Slivnitsa” 60