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Companies and organization that trusted us

Musala Soft

With us since 03/2022

Musala Soft is a software services company specializing in building corporate projects. They believe in excellence and growth, inspired by partnership and team spirit.

Musala Soft's clients are challenging, innovative and trendsetting companies. They combine their success strategy with their experience and creativity to build a better future.

Nik Electronics

With us from 09/2022

NIC is an international group of companies with 20 years of experience in precision agriculture.

The company operates on the Bulgarian and Romanian markets, providing professional service, knowledge and skills with a team of over 200 employees.

Mentor The Young

With us from 08/2022

Mentor the Young is a 3-month mentoring program that develops youth between the ages of 18 and 25, connecting them with an individual mentor with at least 5 years of experience. During the first week of the program, each youth sets 3 personal, career, or entrepreneurial goals to accomplish during the program with the help, guidance, and resources of their mentor.

Nova Translate

With us since 08/2019

Nova Translate is an innovative translation agency that works with the latest technological methods when performing its services. They believe that every business should implement new and successful practices.


With us since 10/2022

Taulia is a fintech company, part of the SAP group. More than 2 million businesses from over 150 countries collaborate in our network. Their clients include Airbus, AstraZeneca and Nissan. They help them and their suppliers access money when and where they need it most. Some of their clients have improved their working capital by more than $1 billion while making their supply chains more resilient and flexible.

Lead Consult

With us from 10/2022

LEAD CONSULT is a Bulgarian-German IT company specialized in providing business and IT solutions to the financial and energy sectors, as well as in the design and development of software products. The company is also developing an innovative software product with no analogue on the market at the moment.

JCI Varna

With us since 09/2022

The local section of JCI Bulgaria in Varna started its activities in 2012. The initiative was taken up by Temelko Dechev, who learned about the organization from friends in Romania and France and after several successful events found like-minded people in the city.

Raychev & Co

With us since 03/2022

Raychev & Co. EOOD is a surveying company with headquarters in the city of Varna. The company was built by a young responsible team with all the necessary work licenses. The main activity is in the field of cadastre, investment planning, geodesy in construction and aerial geodesy - photography.

Mobile Wave Solutions

With us since 10/2022

Mobile Wave Solutions is a rapidly developing software company in the IT sector, based in Bulgaria and Great Britain. Founded in 2014, the company has grown successfully and currently its team consists of more than 120 professionals with extensive experience in programming and testing (Front-end and Back-end developers, Mobile App developers, Architects, Manual/Automation QA, Project Managers .) The company's technical team is proficient in the main programming languages and skillfully implements a variety of software solutions in client projects for the construction of web and mobile applications, integrations and cloud technologies.


With us from 07/2021

Clouddo offers solutions to other companies to analyze and manage their data.

Clouddo was created to help other companies optimize their results in the market by properly processing and analyzing their data. In addition, they prepare analytical solutions for future processes in the management of the data at their disposal.


With us since 04/2022

CodeComrades is a company that develops software products and performs all kinds of IT services. They work with all modern technologies and are experts in providing an optimized, secure and ready-to-use product that perfectly suits your needs. They have extensive experience in custom software development and easily transform client concepts into business-ready software solutions.

The Graff's

With us since 10/2023

The mission of THE GRAFFS is to help its clients achieve their goals by considering their interest, understanding their needs and meeting and even exceeding their expectations.

We are here to offer creative, practical and effective solutions, with an emphasis on effective results and attention to detail.

Mavrodiev Project

With us from 08/2022

Radoslav Mavrodiev is the founder of "Mavrodiev Project" and deals mainly with TikTok.

"Mavrodiev Project" is one of the largest TikTok marketing agencies in Bulgaria. They work with quite large chains and local businesses in Varna.

Gravis Bulgaria

With us from 12/2022

"Gravis Bulgaria" AD is one of the leading IT companies on the Bulgarian market. During its 25-year history, the company has established itself as a reliable partner of its clients from the public and private sectors, through the successful implementation of numerous complex and large-scale IT solutions.

"Gravis Bulgaria" AD is one of the leaders in Europe in the management of customs business processes and in the development of IT solutions in the customs area


With us from 10/2023

A startup built by a close-knit team of enthusiasts, with many years of experience in software development, holding the highest quality of services, easy and fast development and zero bureaucracy.

Development of partial and complete software solutions for Business, we can get involved in every stage of their construction - from prototype, through design and implementation to their support. Modernization and improvement of existing solutions and processes.

Be Mindful

With us since 01/2024

Free events for developing key Soft Skills. Networking and exchange for knowledge.

The format, on Be Mindful, is a symbiosis between theory, practice and moderated networking. Any shooting is divided into two parts - educational and networking.

Bright Receptionist

With us since 11/2023

Bright Receptionist offers 24/7 smooth and hassle-free instant guest communication for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals.

Personalized communication with your guests via chat, email and phone – all answers in less than 1 hour (usually in minutes).

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