Coworking Space with a MISSION


As entrepreneurs, we know how important it is for a business to be able to fully focus on its work processes and not be distracted by side activities. Our goal is to provide office space that offers everything you need, is well equipped and is fully maintained by us.

You don’t need to think about anything. We will take care of you. Bills, cleaning, management, equipment, supplies and more and more. Maintaining an office can seriously take away from your focus, and that reflects on your business.

The model on which renting an office with us works is also a little more unconventional, but it is certainly much more convenient for business owners.

The benefits of renting an office with us

Fixed cost per month

With us, you have a fixed expense per month, which will allow you to make a more accurate and easy budgeting. All bills and possible additional costs are borne by us.

Management and support

We take over the entire management and maintenance of the office. So there is no need to hire an employee who is specifically responsible for this or to burden someone else with this task.

Full equipment

We equip the office completely for you! No need to make repairs, buy desks, chairs or any other furniture. Everything is provided by us.

Our community

You will become part of a large business community. You will meet other businesses, exchange experiences, clients, even create new friendships. Building a network of contacts is extremely important for any business.


We fully understand that renting an office is quite different from renting an apartment. From our experience, we have noticed that using a real estate agent is far from the most practical option when looking for an office.

When you rent an office with us, you do not have an intermediary or a third party to pass the information between you and the landlord. Viewings are quick and easy, and information about the offices themselves and the conditions can be found everywhere on our site.

What you save when you rent an office with us

You pay no commission

When you rent an office with us, you don't have to pay a commission to anyone. For offices that are larger in square footage, this is not a small expense and you can use it for something more useful.

You do not close money in deposits

With us, you do not need to close money in a deposit for the office. In most places this is a whole month, and in some places even 2 months of rent. This money remains with you and you can use it freely.

You save time

You do not communicate with brokers or middlemen who only waste your time. You communicate directly with the person renting the office. So you can quickly and easily negotiate without having to deal with the broker or waiting for him to pass down the chain and therefore pass information back to you.

No redundant documentation

Often, brokerage agencies oblige you to commit to exclusive contracts, leave deposits and similar things that only bog down the process and your search. There is nothing like that here. Our goal is to make the process of renting an office as quick, easy and non-committal as possible.


One of the most important things for a business is its network of contacts. We already have an established network of businesses and of successful and enterprising people who want to develop.

Our network is growing daily and we believe that building a business community is the most valuable thing we offer.

When you rent an office with us, you will become part of this community and we guarantee that you will take your business to the next level.


We are the largest shared office in Varna. Our brand is more than 5 years old. We develop a community of people who collaborate, learn from each other and grow together.

As freelancers, we understand very well the need for a productive work environment. Switch coworking space is created by freelancers for freelancers!

At Switch, we strive to provide a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

This is a place where you can not only work, but also meet new and cool people, expand your network of contacts and grow as a person.

For us, the environment of people is the most important!

How to reserve a place in Switch Coworking Space Varna?

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