Building a career nowadays is much more complex, you have to think

We live in an interesting world. Things develop so fast that sometimes a type of job is created and forgotten in just a few years. Technology is replacing people. Until a few years ago, a certain type of work that people were hired for was now done entirely by software. All this means that many people will lose their jobs in the next 10 to 20 years. In this way, technology puts us in a very competitive environment and forces us to develop careers in more than one field and build different skills to adapt to the work process to be valuable enough for ourselves and for the people for whom we perform a service when the software assumes part of our responsibilities in the future.

Here are some trends to look for when developing a career in a field in the coming years.

Everyone is starting to become Freelance Entrepreneurs:

The number of so-called Freelancers is increasing every year – an average of 1 in 3 Americans, for example, has worked as a Freelancer at some point in the year in 2019, and 28% of Freelancers are on civil contracts and full-time. For comparison, in 2014. this percentage was 17%. This is a trend that is unlikely to go in the opposite direction in the future, as more and more employers understand the advantage of hiring a specialist in a particular field only when there is a job that requires the skills of this specialist. This saves on the costs of a standard type of permanent employee who does not bring them money when there is no work for them, but still receives a salary. It is also reported that Freelancers are happier than permanent employees.

All this means that Freelancers are becoming more and more entrepreneurs due to increasing competition. It is no longer enough to be hired for a job with just a resume. You need to build yourself as a brand and be able to sell your services, like any standard business. The company in which you build a career is you. And this requires a fairly large set of skills.

Acquiring new skills quickly becomes a must to adapt to the market:

Artificial intelligence, robotics, Big Data… these are some of the fastest entering technologies at the moment. By themselves, these technologies have already replaced a lot of people and left them without jobs, and more similar software and hardware are yet to be created to replace us.

This puts us in a situation where we have to constantly develop new and different skills and be ready at any moment to retrain in another field of work.

If before it was enough to graduate from a university, learn a craft and develop only in it, it is no longer so. Don’t stop learning. Make it a habit. Constantly develop and learn something new and different. If you develop the desire and ambition to constantly learn new things, you will always be prepared and you will never stay on the street.

“Home Office” positions are beginning to enter in full force:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers were forced to realize that Home Office positions were actually very suitable for many of their employees. This relieves the employer of certain obligations to provide office, equipment, consumables, etc. and on the other hand, it frees the employee from a lot of commitments and gives him freedom, which definitely makes some people much more productive.

In fact, many people who work in a digital environment now choose a job based on whether or not there is a “Home Office” option. Some people just can’t stand the corporate work environment, the crowded open-space, the obligatory lunch breaks or the fixed working hours.

In the future, this way of working from home will be necessary among many companies around the world. Technology already allows it. So this is one of the things that is important to keep in mind when starting a career.

It’s entirely up to you how you develop yourself and your career, so be careful

Sounds a little scary to develop careers like Freelancers, right? The lack of a secure income, the different way you have to sell yourself and your skills to clients, the constant dynamics between different clients and projects, etc. .

But in fact, it gives you a great opportunity to develop more than you ever thought possible, and to take full control of your career. It allows you to choose the nature of the work you will do, the amount and, of course, you can determine your “salary” and even make your own “promotions”.

Presented like this sounds good, doesn’t it?


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