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tips and tricks for beginners part 1

Definitely every novice SEO optimizer needs guidance and advice on how to structure his workflow, what to focus on and what is actually important to begin with. The material is quite complex and if you skip some of the initial steps it can get lost from the beginning in the countless analysis softwares, optimization techniques, ways of  content writing and more and more, hundreds of processes.

It is good for every beginner optimizer to build some system of work and habits to follow during the working day. All this would help him enter the field more easily.

Let us give you some tips, here, from which we hope that beginners in the field will learn something and it will be useful to them in the future.

1. Morning SEO plan

Starting the day with morning meditation is a great way to plan a strategy for the success of your website. An SEO strategy mainly consists of keyword research, gathering quality information, organizing structure, setting goals, link building, analysis and reporting.

2. Let's start the day with the keywords

Keywords are important because they are the link between what the user is looking for and the content you provide to meet their needs. Your goal in search engine rankings is to drive organic traffic to your website from search engine results pages. The keywords you use in your content help users find your page more easily. Keyword analysis tools include Google Console, Google Adwords, Ubersuggest, and more.

3. You must have an unique content

  • Take the time to research quality information


  • Provide user convenience – design, arrangement of information, formatting of the text, visual elements, etc.


  • Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes

4. The client is NOT always right

We cannot always satisfy the client’s claims, and his desire for immediate ranking is impossible. It is a long, constant and difficult process. To speed up this process, focus on:
  • SEO – Ensures that your website is visible to Google Bots and other indexing programs
  • Domain – Choose a trusted domain, but keep in mind that you will notice results after at least six months
  • Keyword competition – at first you will want to use popular words, but if you have a new site it is advisable to start with less popular ones, as strong competition does not use them. As you develop, you can raise the level of your keywords
  • Content Quality – Regularly adding new, original, high-quality content to your page will support the search bots (programs) that browse your page, and may result in higher rankings.

5. Profession "Link-Builder"

Back – links are links created when one website links to another. They are important because they represent the interest of users from one site to another, and the structure is as follows:

Backlinks consist of four components:

  1. Start link label (<a) – tells the search engine that the link to something else is to follow
  2. Link link location (href = ””>) – “href” means a link to a hyperlink, and the text inside the quotes shows the URL to which the link is directed
  3. Visible link text (about us) – this is the text that users see on the page they are on or want to click on
  4. Close link label (</ a>) – the end of the search engine link label

Expect some more useful tips from us for all beginner SEO optimizers in the second part of our article.

This is definitely one of the most interesting and promising areas in digital marketing if you have decided to build a career. And for this reason we organize a course for complete beginners in September, with us at SWITCH.

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Author: Switch CoWorking Space

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