For one underrated skill - Patience Part 1
part 1

How often have you found yourself missing out on an endeavor because of a lack of development or instant gratification? Don’t you think that very often you actually start different things and leave them as if in the middle … unfinished, as if you suddenly decide that this activity has no potential and is useless to you. Well, not only happens to you, at least it is for sure. It happens in more than 90% of people worldwide.

With the evolution, the human race has developed a very strange perception of the word “time”. In the fast-paced life we ​​live, the word “time” begins to become synonymous with “speed”, speed “speed”. As if we don’t have time for nothing, we want everything right now, at 25 years old we are already “old”, we want to have achieved 5 times more than we have achieved so far, we perceive that we are far back from the plans and longing we had for the future … all this brings us only the negatives in life. But why does this happen? Due to the lack of one very important and underestimated skill – Patience.

It is the lack of patience that causes us not to finish the things we have undertaken. Lack of patience makes us want everything – here and now, right now! The life we ​​live and all human evolution, perceptions and theories of the meaning of life, suppress in us the desire to develop this important skill – “Patience”.

In fact, everything we need as a way of life from society and all the “necessities” we must have, up to a certain age, up to a certain period of time, according to our location, etc. is simply a well-developed theory, by people with no patience who are in a hurry to achieve their goals and are willing to put up with it and lower their end result at the expense of reaching it faster. This is conveniently applied to the masses and even more conveniently adopted by it to cover its primary needs to meet basic needs.

Let’s admit, being patient is hard. Being patient enough to get the results you want in a given field is almost impossible. The ambition of a person to develop and move forward in life is exactly what suppresses in us the desire to develop “patience” as a skill.

But it can be trained. Every day, in every situation, with every new endeavor, we have to train our patience and move in one direction. To strive for what we want, no matter how long it takes to achieve it. 5 – 10 years, 15 even … it doesn’t matter, the road is important. If we are patient enough, the path will bring us much more than the goal we have achieved in the end.

Patience as a skill can be applied in every sphere of life. You can’t be happy without being patient. Yet this is everyone’s ultimate goal – happiness.

And patience is one of the secrets of successful and happy people. This is one of the things that separates the really successful from the rest – the developed and undervalued skill of patient people. Something that can keep a business running and successful for a very, very long time …

Throughout this article, we will tell you why and how each of your business ventures can actually be successful, as long as you believe in it and are filled with a tremendous amount of PATIENCE, passion and a desire to work.

Author: Switch Co-Working Space

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