For an understated skill - Patience
part 2

“Think about your success in 10 years, not in 10 minutes”

Developing a successful business is difficult, ungrateful, and takes at least 10 times more time than you think. Not everyone succeeds, not because there is no good idea or not enough effort, but because there is no patience.

That’s why successful people advise – “Find your passion and turn it into a business.”

What really lies behind this advice? Do you know what your “passion” gives you? – Patience! This is the key to success.

Nobody knows how to grow a successful business in a particular field when it first starts. No one is doing something right the first time. But everyone learns over time. The key word here is “time”! You try, you fail, you change your concept, your strategy, you try again, you fail again, and this process continues, for some people for years, but finally, if they are still there, if they still try and continue to learn from mistakes their, at some point they succeed. This is inevitable. But this whole process rests on one key skill – Patience.

Not everyone owns it, not everyone has developed it enough, so not everyone succeeds. Few people have the patience and motivation to fail 10 times in trying to grow the same business and still keep trying. I have decided not to flood you with unnecessary quotes and facts about celebrities and successful entrepreneurs, but I cannot in this context mention the late Steve Jobs and his “Apple”. As clichéd as it may be, Jobs is the perfect example in this line of thought.

For me personally, lack of patience is a major problem in people’s mentality. It has failed so many people and is about to fail millions more around the world. Patience is a skill that no one talks about because it is not “fashionable” to talk about it. It is not something that captures interest, but it is a skill that is a major driving force in human development. No one teaches you at school how important it really is to have patience when embarking on new endeavors. No university lecturer gives you a lecture on how many people have failed and how many businesses have gone bankrupt because of impatient entrepreneurs.

We need to stop thinking about tomorrow, in a week, in a month, in the years ahead, and have a clear idea that what we do today for our business will affect him in a year, two, and maybe more.

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Author: Switch Co-Working Space

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